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My name is Andrey Vikt. Stolyarov. I'm working at the Moscow Lomonossov State University, at the dept. of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (Computer Science). Multiparadigm programming is the topic of my scientific interests. Having several-years experience of commercial programming (mostly in C++), I learned from my practice that sometimes alternate programming paradigms, including Lisp Programming, may be useful for implementing subtasks within a large project, but it is a rare case when it could be useful for implementing the whole project. That's why I have choosen multiparadigm programming as the research topic. I focused on searching of an industrial-applicable solution. That's how InteLib appeared.

You can contact me as <avstr AT the-domain-of-this-site>, but please do NOT send me any ads, chain letters, christmas greetings etc. These aren't interesting for me and I consider them to be spam. Furthermore, please avoid MIME in your messages. Plain text is sufficient for words, and words are sufficiend for almost anything, at least when you write the very first message to the particular person.

My homepage is located here, but please be warned it is almost all over in Russian.

Last updated March 18, 2011.