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Where am I?

This is the main page of InteLib Wiki suite, powered with AwkiAwki written by Oliver Tonnhofer.



Starting points

If you're not too familiar with Wiki, then use this link: to learn what it is and also this link: for general information on text formatting.

If you want to leave us a note please use the GuestBookPage.

If you're interested in participation, here is the InteLibRoadMap.

Want to practice Wiki?

If you wish to play with this engine to understand what is it and how does it work, you're welcome to do it at the dedicated playground here: ; please do not use this Wiki for your tests since the tests make the PageList too large ;-)

Before you begin...

Please do not be destructive here at the InteLib Wiki. When you do make changes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change your own text only. If you feel someone has made an incorrect statement, place a comment nearby it instead of changing it directly. Also we'd appreciate if you identify yourself in some way, either by a real name or by a nickname. You don't need to provide information about who is really behind any particular nickname, this is just to distinguish people one from another. -- AndreyStolyarov

Also please fill in comment (with useful short description) and some signature in 'Comment:' field below editing window. -- MeDendik

And, finally...

Have a nice session!

When you save an edited version of any page, you now MUST give a valid comment with a signature delimited by double-dash ("--"). Thanks to MeDendik for patching AwkiAwki -- AndreyStolyarov

Spammers tend to attack this page too frequently, so I'm making it read only. If you need to change it, please tell me (e.g., at the GuestBookPage). Certainly you can edit any other page of this wiki if you want to; only one page is affected by the limitation. -- AndreyStolyarov

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