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My name is Igor Bronshteyn. Or Bronstein, if you like it more. By the way, I know 30 "relatively fair" (my tribute to gentlemen Ilf and Petrov) ways to transliterate my second name with Latin letters. 5 ways for transliterating of "" (sht, st, scht, s with caron + t, cht), 3 ways for transliterating of "" (ey, ei, ej) and 2 ways for transliterating of "" (n or ne, compare "Bronchtein" and "Bronchteine"). It makes 30, as you see. I don't mind your using of any of them, but please-please-please follow, DO follow the UNIFORMITY withing your text or some web resource or whatever.

Also I respond to my nick Bronikkk and to such names as "Igor", "Igoryok", "Igoryusha" and even "Garik". I have been living deep in the forests of Siberia for 15 years, so I am a "naive Chukchi boy" and if I don't know something, please don't be very strict.

My contacts:


Mobile phone: +79036241785 (in Russia), +491638296665 (in Germany)



See you! :)

Igor Bronshteyn.

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