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This is an Elentin's official page for InteLib project.

C'est moi, et c'est ma maison.

My name is Olya Tsaun, i'm working on Datalog implementation with InteLib. You can take a look on my official diploma title on the page OfficialWorkTitles.

There are also ElenTinRu (Elentin in russian), but it is not very informative yet.

Current DataLog? version is here:

Explanations about my positions (positioning, hgm?)

Useful links for Elentin

Reference for vim's normal mode: -- Dendik

My notes

Comments, your notes here :-)

A place where you can leave me a note.

%7E would save the father of russian democracy -- AndreyStolyarov

 Whew, thanks :-) (what about mother?) -- ElenTin

Thanks for fixing SeminarMPP, it really needed it -- Dendik

You (and SeminarMPP too) are always welcome :-) -- Elentin

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