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If there is something what InteLib lacks, but you want it to have, post it right here.

But. There should be some care and a lot of common sense about InteLibRoadMap, BugReports and this page having same entries.


Build system

I think, build system should be more convenient from two points of view: for developers of InteLib and for builders of package. (See my complaint in BugReports) -- MeDendik

Code Formatting Tool

InteLib developers should follow CodingConventions which some programmers may find inconvenient. Thus, I'd like to ask for a formatting tool in hope it would be convenient (Max, I've heard that you're working on this problem). This may be, for instance, a config file for any existing code reformatter. -- OlegFrantsuzov

Arithmetics for S-Expressions

Currently I'm trying to integrate the JavaScript? paradigm into C++ (maybe some day this will be the part of InteLib). So I'd like to tell the feature I hunger: the s-expr arithmetics. If I want to sum two SExpressionInts, I have either to link to the Lisp part of the library and do

 (L|PLUS, int1, int2).Evaluate() 
or reimplement this myself. So I'd like to ask for arithmetics w/in the sexpress part: at least + - / *. Ok, if << >> & | ^ and stuff will be there too, that will be excellent. -- OlegFrantsuzov, May 17 2006.
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