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Good morning!

My name is Olga Frolova (Shtefan), but you may also call me Intafy. I'm the 5th course student of CM&C MSU.

Current work

I am working on library support of the Planner language. That means I am trying to implement Planner within InteLib library. At the moment the following specific parts of Planner seem to work: Lisp part, backtracking, pattern matching, inner database. The support of theorem proving (including matching pattern to pattern) has been almost implemented.

Future tasks


Welcome ) You've finally found a way to split thy nickname? :) -- RamosianGlider

No, I have just asked GenShen. ;-) This is probably the best way of splitting it. --IntAfy

By the way, it has a bonus of emphasizing proper accent ;) -- MeDendik

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