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There are some naming decisions in InteLib which might be not too good due to different reasons. Suggestions are welcome. We should make any renaming decisions before we release the first official InteLib version (1.0.0).


The translator from Lisp to C++ supplied with the library is named ILL (stands for InteLibLisp). The problem it that ill is a valid English word and it's meaning inducts some not-so-pretty associations.

I always thought the name ILL rather clever just for that reason: it resolves to a valid word... After all there's lint(1).


The part of the library which implements S-expressions (without the Lisp Evaluator) is placed in a directory named sexpress; furthermore, the main files there are named sexpress.cpp and sexpress.hpp.

Obviously it should be recognized as s-express, but the problem is that those unfamiliar with Lisp theory tend to read this word as sex-press instead and find it funny. We've got nothing against Dr.Freud but InteLib is not about sex, it is about S-expressions.

Well, it's about S-expressions with a dash, isn't it? Just add the dash back and you're done. S-express is much less ambiguous, s-expr even fits in 8 symbols, and s_expr is a valid C++ identifier.

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