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So, you want to participate in real-time discussion of intelib or just multiparadigm programming subjects on net.

Current developers of intelib have chosen to use a not so poular xmpp (aka jabber) protocol for this task. (It is not popular, compared to IRC or ICQ, but seem more popular, than Yahoo, MSN or even SILC to me, though I did not make any efforts to find out any surveys on this subject).

I have created a room named mpp on (and, yes, I AM afraid of spam harvesters even when writing JIDs, but I do hope it is not a great problem for you to replace " on " with "@" :). The room is public and membership is granted automatically on join, so you just need to join room to participate in communication.

The room is in russian, but everybody in the room knows english well enough to support english conversation and to switch to english language whenever necessary.

If you have not used Jabber before, I would like to give you several hints.

First, there are three main WWW resources about jabber that I know, namely: , and

Jabber.Ru is not as good as it's name says: it is a web resource, devoted to jabber, but it has very little useful information. This resource is most interestin for three reasons. First, it hosts tkabber, the most standarts compiant jabber client (though it is not the most feature rich, I myself find it the most useful among X or Win clients; it is written in Tcl/Tk and somewhere there is Win package with tcl/tk and all required libs included, weighting about 4M). Second, it hosts ejabberd, the Erlang implementation of Jabber server (xmpp:// uses ejabberd for running server). Third, there are some news of xmpp:// and FAQ's on related subjects, which may get handy. There is also a new version of this resource being developed at

In contrast, Jabber.Org is even better, than it's name says. Not only it is the central jabber web resource, hosting all news (e.g. inclusion of XMPP in RFC standarts), but it also has a good track of recent clients, servers and developing tools. Also text of all standarts are published here. This site has a fair intro into jabber. Authors of the site also try to watch large new public jabber servers worldwide (though I myself have a larger list of public Russian servers).

Jabberstudio.Org is just a hosting for jabber-related projects. If you want to see what's new in world of jabber soft, i suggest you to either browse a shorter list at, or a longer, sometimes less reliable list at Definitely, all major free pieces of soft are on both servers.

Second, you need a client to join jabber. I recommend the following ones:

Of course there are a geat lot more clients. See one of web pages I noted in beginning for a list. But these are those I have either tested myself throughly enogh and found nice or those I had recommendations about from other people.

You can experience some trouble when getting started with jabber. First, because the only way to register on (though you can register on other server and join chatrooms on is through clients and some clients only support older register protocols, which the server does not support (i am always sure that registration works in tkabber and jajc). Second, you may experience troubles wih authentication mechanisms (i spent quite a long time to make cjc work... unfortunately, cjc does not have good enough documentation to tell what should you do in which case). Third, feature discovery protocols may cause trouble (ElenTin had a lot trouble with getting old version of centericq to work with jabber, since centericq only supported the most ancient protocol, while the server only supports the most recent... this would not be trouble, this protocol is not critical, but centericq refused to consider itself logged in after receiving such an error).

by MeDendik

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