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Hello! My name is Igor Bronshteyn (or Bronstein if you like it more). Also I respond to such names as "Igor", "Igoryok", "Garik" and "Bronik". Please do NOT call me "LocalDiabetic". I have been living deep in the forests of Siberia for 15 years, so I am a "naive Chukchi boy" and if I don't know something, please don't be very strict.

My contacts: e-mail: mobile: +79036241785 LiveJournal?:

Any questions or comments? Just write me :-)

I hope we'll meet each other!

Igor Bronshteyn.

Welcome!! :) -- GenShen

Thanks a lot :) -- Bronik

Well I seem to be confused a bit, so I've got a question: if you don't like the nickname 'LocalDiabetic', then why do you use it? :) -- avst

It's my nick in LJ, created by me when I was a litte bit delirious. So Igor or even Bronik are much better -- bronik

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