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First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Oleg Frantsuzov (Russian: Олег Французов), and I'm the fifth course student of MSU's Computer Science dept. Currently I'm residing in Moscow.

My Preferences

I'm rather interested in InteLib, at least I like the programming etudes which can be done with this library. My programming language of choice is (as of now) Python. Also I like C++, C#, and particulary fond of JavaScript?. I find LISP, Prolog, Refal and other non-imperative languages interesting too.

I dislike Java.

I use Windows on the every-day basis, and switch to Linux sometimes (when I need it). However, I am not ready yet to stop using Windows though I like the Unix ideas (shell, single-rooted dirtree, X, etc.) very much. I just don't feel myself confident with *nix OSes.

About My Name

Actually, my full name is Oleg Georgievich Frantsuzov, but Georgievich is the patronymic, not a middle or second name, and should be skipped. Thus, as it isn't second name of any kind, in should not be shortened to the first letter. So, Oleg Frantsuzov is O.K. and Oleg G. Frantsuzov is not.

I understand that here we, the InteLib community, are trying to be as English-friendly as we can, but I ask you to leave my name alone and don't add any letters between my name and surname.

My Current Work

I work on the integration of the scripting paradigm into InteLib. Last year I implemented JavaScript? in C++ (w/ the help of InteLib :)), and now I'm working on something like sh.

Previous Works

In 2004-2005 EvgeniyDemur and I worked together on a stand-alone Wiki server project. EvgeniyDemur continued working on it, and I reckon we'll be able to enjoy this server (dubbed oxyde) as soon as someone dare to install it on a working *nix server


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