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I think that Wikipedia's approach to talks is the best we can use within our Wiki. That's why I suggest you to separate discussions with a horizontal ruler and a level 2 heading. Please do not put HRs between comments in a branch to avoid visual clutter. I also ask you to try fitting your opinion in a single paragraph. Thanks for your patience.

Wiki server

It seems to me that EvgeniyDemur and I will write the stand-alone Wiki server. That's why I'm asking for help: would anyone please recommend the startup documents on http and other low-level stuff. Actually, I've found RFC2616 too hard to understand the basic concepts and commands of the http protocol. -- OlegFrantsuzov

RFC2616: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 Take a look at this: It seems to be easy to read and gives the essential information. BTW, it is the very first reference Google gives responding to "http protocol tutorial" query ;-) -- AndreyStolyarov

And a good way to have a taste of HTTP in Unix is to get the util named netcat (though excecutable file is called nc) and play around with hanging nc -l -p 8080 and asking browsers to do something with http://localhost:8080/.... (I suggest netcat just because I know how to make it listen to port. You could easily write your own tool for exactly this task if you are too lazy to download netcat and don't have it already in your distro) -- Dendik

Thanks -- OlegFrantsuzov

About writing Russian names in English

Oleg, where can I read smth. about writing patronymic names in English? Why should they be skipped? -- RamosianGlider

I don't have any clear information if patronymics should or should not be skipped. However, to shorten the middle name (not to confuse w/ patronymic) is a common US practice (see At the other hand, in Russia and the ex-USSR patronymics (see are never shortened -- one either writes Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (full) or I. I. Ivanov (both given name and patronymic shortened). I reckon that shortening of a patronymic is nothing but a bare copying of the US customs. I don't want to put the equal sign between middle name and patronymic, and don't want my name to be written in such a way. I doubt we have more than one person named Oleg Frantsuzov here on the InteLibWiki, so no additional identifying is needed. Dixi. -- OlegFrantsuzov

Err... Is "diplame" about dipping something lame somewhere?


It was merely a typo... You could have corrected it on your own, you know. And please discuss everything on this page. -- OlegFrantsuzov

Oleg, and what about Ubuntu? ;-)


Working on it. -- OlegFrantsuzov

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