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There are different communication facilities you can use to discuss InteLib-related matters.

InteLib mailing list

There's a mailing list devoted to generic InteLib issues, including both development and usage. The list is at list at; to subscribe, send a message to the robot at list-request at with the word subscribe within the body.

More details are found here:

Jabber conference

There's a jabber conference (room) run at It is explained at JabberMPP

This Wiki engine

This Wiki (based on AwkiAwki) is another communication device heavily used by people interested in the InteLib project. The main page is InteLibWiki. That page is now read only, so you might want to visit the GuestBookPage. Certainly you can create more pages if you want to.

Private email

If none of the above satisfies you, then you might want to contact someone by email directly. Unfortunately, we've got too much spam already so we don't publish our email addresses at the web; you can however take a look at the InteLib source code files to gain one of the addresses.

We'd like to ask though that you try one of the methods listed above before using direct email.

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