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Leo Tolstoi was fond of balalaika playing (and of kids, surely). But he didn't know how to.


Well, my name is Alexander Potapenko, also known as Glider or Ramosian Glider (in an official way :) ). I am the 5th course student of CM&C MSU.

'm fond of music (rock and folk), guitar and darbuka playing, programming and UNIX, being quite (but inquiet ;) ) an amateur in all of these things.


I hardly ever use ICQ. If you want to talk, but haven't got a JID, ask me for my phone number, not ICQ.

Current Work

In 2005-2006 'was working on the markup parsers generator (codename DSM) for converting context-based markup descriptions into text parsers written in Refal. Some living code is available at

Now we're trying to generalize the task and write a document conversion system (codename Babylon). The project's wiki is at

In summer 2007, I made a report (in co-authorship with G. Kuryachiy) on Babylon's progress at the Fourth International Free Software Developers' Conference held by ALTLinux. Probably useless slides are available at

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