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Google announced a technique to prevent web spammers from gaining ranks:

Let's ask Dendik (MeDendik) to implement it at our Wiki :) -- Andrey Stolyarov

Your prayer was heared and implemented! :) -- MeDendik

Spam happens sometimes, and this is the one of the most annying things in the modern world. Regrettably, our InteLibWiki is attacked from time to time, being mercilessly edited and even wiped out. During the period since June 2004 till February 2005, there happened some incidents, but the overall situation was decent. From March 2, 2005 things began to change from bad to worse, as the 'phentermine' spam bot began to replace the main page's content with some advertizing information. So, this page existance seems to be neccessary.

Spam Attacks Log

  '''Date'''			      '''IP'''		'''Attack code name'''
  28 Feb. 2005 22:59:29 MSK     Online-casino
  2 Mar. 2005 09:55:34 MSK    Phentermine
  5 Mar. 2005 22:20:54 MSK    Phentermine
  11 Mar. 2005 05:56:17 MSK    Phentermine
  12 Mar. 2005 04:46:13 MSK    Phentermine
  31 Mar. 2005 02:23:27 MSD    repayment
   2 Apr. 2005 05:59:38 MSD    lolokiki


  '''IP'''		    '''Attack code name'''   '''Status'''
 ====================================================================     Online-casino      Idle since 28 Feb. 2005    Phentermine	       Idle since 2 Mar. 2005    Phentermine	       Banned on 13 Mar. 2005

I'm glad to report that the phentermine site was removed from after my complain -- avst

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