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Let's use this page to post useful links which don't fall into other categories (such as OtherMultiparadigmSolutions, etc)

Very useful source about implementation of Refal: the Sergei Romanenko's homepage

Advanced techniques (tricks) of C++ programming. Must read :) -- AndreyStolyarov

Namely, a few hacks for ++ programmers, who can't invent such things on the fly :) -- MeDendik

Automated search for a code made with 'cut-n-paste' technology.

Parsing C++

(in russian) Функциональное программирование для всех -- статейка, конечно, популярная, но в общем интересная.

Technical Issues of Separation in Function Cells and Value Cells (CL-flavor vs. Scheme flavor), thanks to Lispnik for the reference

Qi, a language. Looks like Lisp, works like Haskell.

Scheme's continuations:

An implementation of Scheme's continuations on Scheme:

Continuations in plain C (really brilliant hack)

(Links recommended by AlexOtt?, thanks to him) -- avst


Explanation of Call/CC:

Практика функционального программирования, журнал -- BroNik

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