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lpackage.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Lisp package.

See the LExpressionPackage class description for details

Definition in file lpackage.hpp.

#include "../sexpress/iexcept.hpp"
#include "../sexpress/sexpress.hpp"
#include "../sexpress/gensref.hpp"
#include "../tools/spkghsh.hpp"
#include "../tools/sreader.hpp"
#include "lisp.hpp"

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typedef GenericSReference<
LExpressionPackage, IntelibX_not_a_package
 Reference to a LExpressionPackage.

Variable Documentation

class typedef GenericSReference<LExpressionPackage, IntelibX_not_a_package> LPackage

Reference to a LExpressionPackage.

Definition at line 32 of file lpackage.hpp.

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