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The package is distributed under the terms and conditions of GNU General Public License v.2. The library part (that is, the stuff in sexpress/, tools/, genlisp/, lisp/, scheme/ and refal/ directories) is also available under GNU Lesser General Public License v.2.1. Please note this enables you to create even proprietary software with the help of the library, but only in case you follow some certain rules. In brief (and incompletely), you must provide your user with the source code of the library, whether modified or not (exactly what you use in your program) and provide at least object code files of everything else so that your user can recompile the library if she wants to and then relink the whole thing. Needless to say that the sources must be provided free of charge and under the same license (GNU LGPL). See the official text of the license for details. If you don't take a look at the license or don't understand it right, it is no excuse for you to violate the license.

Note you can at your option replace the license with the ordinary GNU GPL. Anyway, it would be wise of you to stop wasting your life creating proprietary software and turn to free software.

Still want a non-GPL license? Then, read this for some useful details.

Last updated Januaru 10, 2010