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InteLib Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SBacklinkRefReference to a SExpressionBacklink
SchemeContinuationScheme-specific continuation-based virtual machine
SchemeReaderThe Scheme Reader
SchExpressionContextLexical context
SchExpressionLambdaA Scheme closure (that is, a function written in Scheme)
SchExpressionPackageThe Scheme package
SchExpressionPackageIntelibA package to map the symbol QUOTE
SchExpressionSymbolScheme symbol
SchExtvarConstructorScheme external variable expression constructor
SchLabelEmptyListThe Scheme object for empty list
SchLabelFalseThe Scheme object of #F
SchLabelTrueThe Scheme object of T
SchLibraryProvidedSymbolsThe global Scheme symbols and labels provided by the library
SchListConstructorScheme List constructor
SchReferenceReference to a Scheme S-expression
SchSymbolSteering pointer to SchExpressionSymbol
SchSymbolQuoteThe symbol QUOTE for InteLib Scheme
CustomMemoryManager< unit_size, block_size >Ugly generic implementation of custom memory management
SDoubleListDoubly-linked list container
SDoubleListConstructorThe Doubly Linked List Constructor
SDoubleListRangeA part of a doubly-linked list
SDoubleListRange::LeftEndMoverSlave class which represents the left end of the range
SDoubleListRange::RightEndMoverSlave class which represents the right end of the range
SDoubleListRefReference to a doubly linked list
SExpressionGeneric S-expression
SExpressionBacklinkAn element of a doubly-linked list
SExpressionCharCharacter constant
SExpressionClassicAtomClassic atom
SExpressionConsA cons (a dotted pair)
LExpressionContextLexical context
SExpressionDoubleListS-expression containig a doubly-linked list
SExpressionDoubleList::IteratorIterator for a doubly-linked list
SExpressionExtvarnameIn InteLib Lisp, #&.... is handled in a special way
SExpressionFloatFloating point number S-expression
SExpressionFormGeneric special form
SExpressionFunctionGeneric function
SExpressionGenericIteratorInterface class used for iterations (such as LOOP or MAPCAR)
SExpressionHashPackageHashtable-based package
SExpressionHashTableHash table
SExpressionHashTable::IteratorIterator to walk through the hash table
SExpressionIndirectAbstract indirect variable SETF agent
SExpressionIndirectAccessorExternal variable accessor
SExpressionIndirectTemplate< Tt >SETF agent for an extern variable of a particular type
SExpressionIntInteger S-expression
SExpressionLabelLabel (S-expression whose address is the only thing important)
LExpressionLambdaA Lisp function written in Lisp
SExpressionLocationAssignable location
LExpressionMacroA macro (in the sence of Common Lisp)
LExpressionPackageThe Lisp package
LExpressionPackageIntelibThe package which maps NIL, T, QUOTE, FUNCTION and LAMBDA
SExpressionRawBufferRaw memory buffer
SExpressionSetfAgentSetf agent
SExpressionStreamAbstract (generic) stream
SExpressionStreamCharbufStream formed as a queue of characters
SExpressionStreamFileStream which encapsulates a FILE* from stdio.h
SExpressionStreamTextInputFile-based stream that counts lines of input
SExpressionStringString literal constant
LExpressionSymbolThe Lisp symbol S-expression
LExpressionUserCFunctionUserLispFunction instances are wrapped by this class
SExpressionVectorVector of SExpressions
SExpressionWrapper< Data >An S-expression wrapper for an arbitrary compound
LFunctionalSymbol< F >Symbol naming a library function
LFunctionConstructorLisp Function abbreviation representer
GarbageSafeGeneric object that needs to be garbage-collected
GarbageSafePointerThe smart pointer which performs reference-counting garbage collection
GenericReference< Tp >Template for creating application-defined references to g/c classes
GenericSReference< Tp, X_wrongtype >Generic subclass of SReference for a particular S-expression type
SHashTableSmart pointer to a SExpressionHashTable
IntelibBindTableBinding table
IntelibBindTable::IteratorIterator for the table
IntelibContinuationThe Continuation
IntelibContinuation::InterruptionEvaluator is effectively interrupted throwing object of this class
IntelibDummyPackageDummy package
IntelibGenericReaderGeneric Reader
IntelibPackageAbstract package
IntelibReaderThe reader preprogramed for Lisp S-expressions
IntelibSLexAnalyserLexical analyzer of S-expressions
IntelibTypeIdS-expression type identificators
IntelibXThe generic InteLib exception
IntelibX_bugCircumstances are wrong so that it is definitely a bug in the library
IntelibX_cant_change_constantException: attempt to assign a value to a constant symbol
IntelibX_continuation_unknown_operationUnknown instruction code in the IntelibContinuation class
IntelibX_hash_table_too_bigHash table too big
IntelibX_lisp_not_a_contextNot a lisp context
IntelibX_lisp_not_a_functionNot a lisp function
IntelibX_lisp_not_a_symbolException: not a symbol
IntelibX_lisp_symbol_has_no_valueLisp symbol has no value
IntelibX_no_associated_functionException: no function is associated with the expression
IntelibX_not_a_backlinkException: backlinked cons expected
IntelibX_not_a_charSingle char expected
IntelibX_not_a_consCons expected
IntelibX_not_a_doublelistException: double list expected
IntelibX_not_a_functionNot a function
IntelibX_not_a_hash_tableHash table expected
IntelibX_not_a_labelLabel expected
IntelibX_not_a_listList expected
IntelibX_not_a_locationNot an assignable location (that is, SExpressionLocation object)
IntelibX_not_a_numberNumber expected
IntelibX_not_a_packageException: package expected
IntelibX_not_a_streamException: stream expected
IntelibX_not_a_stringString expected
IntelibX_not_a_vectorException: vector expected
IntelibX_not_implementedFeature not implemented yet
IntelibX_package_conflictException: name conflict within a package
IntelibX_read_eofException 'Unexpected Eof'
IntelibX_reader_errorException class for reader errors capable of keeping line numbers
IntelibX_reader_not_readyException "Reader Not Ready"
IntelibX_scheme_not_a_contextNot a Scheme context object
IntelibX_scheme_not_a_symbolException: not a symbol
IntelibX_scheme_symbol_has_no_valueScheme symbol has no value
IntelibX_symbol_has_no_valueException: attempt to get a value of unassinged symbol
IntelibX_too_few_paramsException: too few parameters in a call
IntelibX_too_many_paramsException: too many parameters in a call
IntelibX_unexpected_unbound_valueUnexpected NULL (unbound) SReference encountered
IntelibX_vector_out_of_rangeException: vector is not resizeable
IntelibX_wrong_expression_typeWrong expression type
LispContinuationLisp-specific continuation-based virtual machine
LispLambdaBodyLambda-list and a list of forms
LispReaderThe Lisp Reader
SLabelLabel handler
LLibraryProvidedSymbolsEncapsulating object for the symbols provided by the library
SListConstructorThe List Constructor
LListConstructorLisp List constructor
SMatrixRef< dim >Reference to a multidimensional matrix of S-references
SMatrixRef< 2 >The basis for recursively-defined SMatrixRef
SQueueHeterogenous queue
SReference'Smart pointer' to an S-expression
LReferenceReference to a Lisp S-expression
SStreamCharbufReference for a character-buffer stream
SStreamFileA reference which creates a stream by given file
SStreamStderrA reference for standard error stream
SStreamStdinA reference for standard input
SStreamStdoutA reference for standard output
SStreamTextInputReference to a SExpressionStreamTextInput
SStringA container for a string
LSymbolSmart pointer to LExpressionSymbol
LSymbolFunctionThe Lisp symbol FUNCTION
LSymbolLambdaThe Lisp symbol LAMBDA
LSymbolNILThe Lisp symbol NIL (empty list)
LSymbolQuoteThe Lisp symbol QUOTE
LSymbolTThe Lisp symbol T (true)
SVectorS-expression vector container
SVectorRefSExpressionVector reference
SWrapperRef< Data >Reference to a wrapper S-expression

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