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InteLib File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
chr2snum.cpp [code]
conteval.cpp [code]
conteval.hpp [code]The base for continuation-based evaluator
custmem.hpp [code]InteLib custom memory management
extvar.cpp [code]
extvar.hpp [code]A framework to access global C++ variables from Lisp and Scheme
gensref.hpp [code]Generic type-specific subclass of SReference
hshread.cpp [code]
iexcept.cpp [code]
iexcept.hpp [code]Intelib exceptions
ireadln.cpp [code]
lcont.cpp [code]
lcont.hpp [code]The lisp-specific continuation
lextvar.hpp [code]Access global C++ variables from Lisp
lisp.cpp [code]
lisp.hpp [code]The primary classes for the Lisp evaluation model
lispform.cpp [code]
lispform.hpp [code]The basic classes for applicable forms both for Lisp and Scheme
llambda.cpp [code]
llambda.hpp [code]Lisp function objects
lpackage.cpp [code]
lpackage.hpp [code]Lisp package
lreader.cpp [code]
lreader.hpp [code]The Lisp Reader
lsymbol.cpp [code]
lsymbol.hpp [code]Lisp symbol handling
mainpage.dxg [code]
numunif.cpp [code]
prprint.cpp [code]
prprint.hpp [code]Pretty printing of an S-expression
refcount.hpp [code]This file implements a reference-counting garbage collection. It consists of the following classes:
  • GarbageSafe which is just an object which counts references on it;
  • PGarbageSafe which behaves just like a pointer to GarbageSafe except it notifies the referenced object whenever a reference is established or disposed
sbacklnk.cpp [code]
sbacklnk.hpp [code]Heterogenous doubly-linked lists
sbindtbl.hpp [code]A (hopefully) fast pointer-to-reference table implementation
schcont.cpp [code]
schcont.hpp [code]Scheme Cntinuation
scheme.cpp [code]
scheme.hpp [code]The primary classes for the Scheme evaluation model
schfun.cpp [code]
schfun.hpp [code]Scheme function objects
schpack.cpp [code]
schpack.hpp [code]Scheme package
schreadr.cpp [code]
schreadr.hpp [code]The Scheme Reader
schsymb.cpp [code]
schsymb.hpp [code]Scheme symbols
schxvar.hpp [code]Access global C++ variables from Scheme
sdbllist.cpp [code]
sdbllist.hpp [code]Doubly-linked lists
sexpress.cpp [code]
sexpress.hpp [code]The basic S-expression types and methods
shashtbl.cpp [code]
shashtbl.hpp [code]Hash tables
slexer.cpp [code]
slexer.hpp [code]The InteLib lexical analyser
slocatn.cpp [code]
slocatn.hpp [code]An assignable location
spkghsh.cpp [code]
spkghsh.hpp [code]Hashtable-based package of symbols
squeue.cpp [code]
squeue.hpp [code]S-expression-based queue
srawbuf.cpp [code]
srawbuf.hpp [code]Raw memory store as an S-expression
sreader.cpp [code]
sreader.hpp [code]Intelib Reader
sstream.cpp [code]
sstream.hpp [code]InteLib stream support
sstring.cpp [code]
sstring.hpp [code]SString class definition
stackrep.cpp [code]
svector.cpp [code]
svector.hpp [code]Vectors and matrices of S-expressions
swrapper.hpp [code]SExpressionWrapper class definition
vecread.cpp [code]

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