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iexcept.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Intelib exceptions.

This file defines some classes used in the exception handling by InteLib.

Definition in file iexcept.hpp.

#include "sexpress.hpp"

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#define INTELIB_ASSERT(condition, exception)   do { if(!(condition)) throw exception; } while(0)
 Assertion macro which can be disabled for a production version.

Define Documentation

#define INTELIB_ASSERT condition,
exception   )     do { if(!(condition)) throw exception; } while(0)

Assertion macro which can be disabled for a production version.

Definition at line 160 of file iexcept.hpp.

Referenced by IntelibGenericReader::AddDelimiter(), IntelibGenericReader::AddQuoter(), IntelibGenericReader::AddStringLiteral(), IntelibGenericReader::AddToken(), IntelibGenericReader::AddTokenType(), LispLambdaBody::DoAnalyseLambdaList(), IntelibGenericReader::Get(), SExpressionHashPackage::Import(), and SExpressionVector::operator[]().

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