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lcont.cpp File Reference

#include "../sexpress/iexcept.hpp"
#include "../sexpress/sstring.hpp"
#include "lisp.hpp"
#include "lcont.hpp"
#include "lsymbol.hpp"
#include "llambda.hpp"

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LReference RetrieveFunctionObject (LReference from, const LContextRef &lc)

Function Documentation

LReference RetrieveFunctionObject LReference  from,
const LContextRef lc

Definition at line 197 of file lcont.cpp.

References SExpressionCons::Car(), SReference::Car(), SExpressionCons::Cdr(), SReference::Cdr(), SReference::DynamicCastGetPtr(), LExpressionSymbol::GetFunction(), SReference::GetPtr(), and PTheLispSymbolLambda.

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