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lisp.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

The primary classes for the Lisp evaluation model.

This module defines the classes LReference, LListConstructor, LFunctionConstructor, along with global variables and some other stuff related to Lisp evaluation model.

Definition in file lisp.hpp.

#include "../sexpress/sexpress.hpp"
#include "../sexpress/iexcept.hpp"

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LReference operator~ (const SReference &r)
 Lisp quotation.


typedef LReference(* UserLispFunction )(int, const SReference *)
 A C++ function that can be used in Lisp expressions.
 Pointer to the LAMBDA symbol.
 Pointer to the QUOTE symbol.
 Pointer to the FUNCTION symbol.
 Pointer to a boolean true constant.
 Pointer to the boolean false object.

Function Documentation

LReference operator~ const SReference r  ) 

Lisp quotation.

As usual, operator~() is used in InteLib to represent Lisp apostrophe. This particular version is created for the case we try to quote an expression represented with SReference object, which has no operator~()

Definition at line 195 of file lisp.hpp.

Variable Documentation

class typedef LReference(* UserLispFunction)(int, const SReference *)

A C++ function that can be used in Lisp expressions.

Definition at line 35 of file lisp.hpp.

SReference* PTheLispSymbolLambda

Pointer to the LAMBDA symbol.

Definition at line 112 of file lisp.cpp.

Referenced by LSymbolLambda::LSymbolLambda(), and RetrieveFunctionObject().

SReference* PTheLispSymbolQuote

Pointer to the QUOTE symbol.

Definition at line 113 of file lisp.cpp.

Referenced by LSymbolQuote::LSymbolQuote(), LReference::operator~(), and LReference::TextRepresentation().

SReference* PTheLispSymbolFunction

Pointer to the FUNCTION symbol.

Definition at line 114 of file lisp.cpp.

Referenced by LSymbolFunction::LSymbolFunction(), LFunctionConstructor::operator^(), and LReference::TextRepresentation().

SReference* PTheLispBooleanTrue

Pointer to a boolean true constant.

Definition at line 115 of file lisp.cpp.

Referenced by LSymbolT::LSymbolT().

SReference* PTheLispBooleanFalse

Pointer to the boolean false object.

Definition at line 116 of file lisp.cpp.

Referenced by LReference::IsTrue(), LispContinuation::LispContinuation(), and LSymbolNIL::LSymbolNIL().

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